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General cargo handling

The main activity of MAN-TESS Tranzīts is the handling and storage of general cargo.

The experience of the terminal allows working with wide range of cargo, as for example:

  • Palletized and packed cargo;
  • Bulked cargo in big-bags;
  • Products of metallurgy industry;
  • Construction materials;
  • Foodstuff;
  • Cellulose and paper;
  • Cotton;
  • Consumer products and non-hazardous chemical products;
  • Timber and lumber;
  • Machinery and equipment, Ro-Ro cargo.

Terminal MAN-TESS is specialized in handling cargo of steel such as: metal, steel plate in coils and packs, pipes, metal ingots, crude iron in bulk, as well as ferroalloys and iron ore raw materials.


  • operations carried out to / from warehouses
  • cargo discharging / loading from / to vessels / railcars/ trucks / containers

Equipment and infrastructure


  • SD4-135 m/7.6 m
  • SD3-150 m/9.05 m


  • Open air storage – 43’000 m2
  • Warehouses – 35’000 m2


  • 2 STS gantry cranes (53t & 68t), twin lift function
  • 8 platforms
  • 2 Terberg 4×4 & 2 DAF terminal tractors
  • 20 forklifts (1,6t-16t)
  • 2 portal cranes (20t & 32t)
  • 25m ro-ro ramp, fixed concrete
  • mobile surface vehicle weights (up to 60 t)

Service provided by: MAN-TESS Tranzīts

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