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Citizens need to remember only one phone number that provides a fast and effective response in case of accidents – 112 – STATE FIRE – RESCUE SERVICE – 112.
This is a free call from any phone (including cell phone without a SIM-card – from anywhere in Latvia with the mobile network coverage).


To alert residents in case of an industrial accident or a fire will be triggered alarm siren SFRS Steam Street 44 (A / S “Aldara” territory). Decision adopted by the sirens start SFRS. If the siren sounds an alarm signal, turn on the Latvian Radio 1, the Latvian Radio 2, Radio SWH, or a Latvian Television LTV, LTV 7, TV3, LNT, TV5, PBK (First Baltic Channel) to get information about an industrial accident or fire to be measures.

Do not turn off the radios and televisions, listen for further information.
Listen to the police and fire – rescue service personnel statements that are transmitted through the speakers, and follow them.

Report the incident to your immediate neighbors.


Prepare in advance for possible emergencies, unusual situations. Recommended actions after hearing the siren:

  • close the door, windows, ventilation windows, ventilation openings and the ruled conditioners;
  • if the wind carries the smoke directly into the apartment, cover windows with gaps between the frame and handle with tape or paper strips;
  • door balconies and loggias to close and hang a damp cloth;
  • follow the instructions and information that may be available on radio and television, or over the loudspeakers of police, fire trucks near residential homes.

Keep identity documents in a place known and accessible to all family members.


Information about the need for evacuation and additional instructions will be provided to you on radio and television, or through the police, fire car speakers. In the case of a declared evacuation in an apartment off gas, electricity, water, close the apartment, go to the information specified in place of an escape charge. Follow the instructions of the organizers of the escape after a dangerous situation and return back home.

When evacuating, take personal documents, cash, valuables, food supplies, drinking water and only the necessary clothing, depending on the season.

Do not panic and remain calm!

If you experience any deterioration in health status, contact the nearest medical facility or seek urgent medical attention – 113.

For more information how to handle a possible industrial accident or fire is available SFRS website and Riga City Civil Defence Plan, which is viewable in the Riga City Council website: .

We hope that, as in the past, more than 20 years, our business operations will continue preventing any industrial accidents, fires and does not attend either to the company or you.

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